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There is a shortage of Koshi's due to the corona crisis. 

New stock will arrive in the week of 17 May.
At the moment, we cannot always deliver from stock. Orders will be put on a waiting list if there is no stock.
New customers for the Koshi's will first be put on a waiting list, the situation is expected to improve by the end of May - beginning of June.

The Koshi is an authentic instrument, crafted at the foot of the Pyrenees. The designer found his inspiration in the four elements:
Terra-Earth; Aqua/Water; Aria/Air; Ignis/Fire
Because each wind chime is tuned very precisely, each one has its own magical sound that has already touched many.
Thanks to the sound box, which is made up of layers of bamboo veneer, these wind gongs have a full sound that is rich in overtones.

Kabir who created the four melodies tells his story here.

The Koshi's are individually packed in a box.

EAN codes:
Terra: 3760273420017
Aqua: 3760273420024
Aria:   3760273420031
Ignis:  3760273420048

The staggered prices, when purchasing different wind chimes, are not visible in the shopping cart and the order confirmation. We enter this manually on the invoice. 
The graduated discounts apply to all numbers of windchimes together.
(i.e. from 4, 20 and 32 pieces)
N.B. The discount is already included in the prices of a set.