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Making process of handmade singing bowls
The Himalayan singing bowls are hand forged out of bronze  on a small scale by skilled craftsmen. It is beautiful to see and listen how these artisans work in tune to produce the hand hammered bowls.

To get an impression of the making process, watch the film that I made when I was in the vicinity of the Himalaya.

Healing sounds
Many people discover sound meditation during a wellness day in the spa. Here, they experience how such a mediation can offer an intense relaxation of body and mind.
One of the purposes of a sound meditation is at the final relaxation during yoga or mindfulness practice.
Sound massages are offered by therapeutic practices to give inner balance to clients. The healing effect of these massages is based on the vibration that is produced by the sound of the singing bowl.  


All singing bowls come without a mallet (unless otherwise indicated).

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