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These professional mallets are handmade in the Netherlands.

They are designed to get every sound out of the singing bowl that it can give. From clear sounds from small bowls to deep, low tones from large singing bowls. What is important here is that the right weight mallet is used. As a rule, the more weight the bowl has, the heavier the mallet should be.

In addition, the type of bowl/head of the mallet is important. A soft head gives a warm sound and a harder head extracts a bright tone from the singing bowl.

The mallet from size B upwards are made of ash wood. The smaller sizes of beech or pine.

Due to limited production, we can only supply these mallets to our Dutch customers

Mallet AA-soft
Product number: KZ-AAsoft
Mallet A
Product number: KZ-A
Mallet A-soft
Product number: KZ-Asoft
Mallet AB
Product number: KZ-AB
Mallet B-soft
Product number: KZ-Bsoft
Mallet B
Product number: KZ-B
Mallet C
Product number: KZ-C
Mallet C-soft
Product number: KZ-Csoft
Mallet D
Product number: KZ-D
Mallet E
Product number: KZ-E
Mallet F
Product number: KZ-F