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Correct meditation posture
The Samten pillow can be a good help for everyone while meditating to find the right posture. Because of the air suspension you automatically always take the right stable middle position again. It gives perfect stability in the middle.

Meditation on holiday
Samten, the ideal travel companion. This cushion is, because of its low weight and volume, ideal to take on holiday. With a weight of only 265 grams Samten is extremely light and, not inflated, also very flat. It is then so small that the cushion in your luggage only takes up a small amount of space.

Variable height
The variable height adjustment from 5 to 20 cm makes this meditation cushion suitable for people of various lengths. Squeeze the valve of the air chamber and let as much air escape until the right height is reached.




The graduated prices, when purchasing different colours, are not shown in the shopping cart and the order confirmation. We enter this manually on the invoice. 

N.B. Discount prices for 32 pieces only when ordering per box (8 pieces) of one colour.