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These bellstrings spread a lovely, soft sound.

According to the Feng Shui, bells bring more energy into your living space, they are also very nice for sound meditations.

There are many variations: with small bells or large bells, tied to a coloured cord, hemp rope or a leather lace. Some of them contain colourful beads that catch and reflect the light in your room, the Suncatchers.

Fortune bell string elephant
Product number: BK-O
Bell string ghungroo (16mm)
Product number: BK-G16
Bell string 5 bells, max. 35 mm
Product number: BK-35
Bellstring iron bells heart
Product number: BK-IB03-heart
Bell string iron bells
Product number: BK-IB01
Bell string iron bells large
Product number: BK-IB02
Windbell "beach"
Product number: BK-IB04-beach
Bellstring bunch off bells
Product number: BK-IB08-bunch

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